1. Connect with other new runners. This is important to me. As an ambitious information hound, I haunt blogs about running, shoes, injuries, first marathons, training plans, etc. What I can’t seem to find is a blog by a non-runner, detailing their journey to a marathon. Now, it may be that this information is buried in the archives, or that I haven’t been looking in the right places.

I want to connect with other beginners–true beginners. Because let’s be clear–I am not athlete who decided to take up running or a former runner who is getting back into the sport. I’ve heard of a fartlek but have no idea what it is. I know my foot does some sort of pronating, but I’m not sure if it’s under or over. This blog will detail my running education and mishaps.

2. Run a 5K and 10K. Technically, I’ve run the 5K, but as it wasn’t official and I didn’t get a bib, it doesn’t count. I have yet to find a 10K in early April that fits with my travel schedule. I consider these races as important milestones en route to the marathon, because I’ll learn about race etiquette and clothing…and maybe, just maybe, I’ll feel like an actual runner instead of a plodding fool. Oh, and I’d like to run a sub-30 minute 5K, whether it’s in a race or during training.

2. Run a half marathon on May 8. Training is underway, details to come!

3. Run the Chicago Marathon on October 10, 2010, two weeks shy of my first run. I’m not worried about time, or stressed if I take walk breaks–I just want to finish. And maybe not get passed by walkers while I’m running.

4. Develop a lasting “food as fuel” mentality. I want to be the person who orders a healthy entree because she craves it, not just because it’s healthy. This is going to be as great a challenge as running, because I am severely impaired in the cooking department. Thank goodness for smoothies!

5. Lose 40 pounds. Now, this is not a hard and fast number. I’m aiming for 130-135, which should put me at a healthy weight for my height (5’5” and currently 171.5 lbs). But if my body prefers to be at a different weight, I’m happy as long as my clothes are smaller and the muscles are toned!

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