2 Miles or Bust

Today, I was tired. After a grueling day of lunching and beaching (life is soooo hard), the last thing I wanted to do was run, but I promised myself that if I got out and at least did 2 miles, I could listen to This American Life and run as slowly as I wanted. ha

Deal made, I strapped on the iPod, headed out into the steamy Miami night, and slogged out two very comfortable miles. Turns out, my “very comfortable” pace (eg, new long run pace) is about 11:35 per mile. I could have made conversation if there’d been anyone around besides the crazies and the bums wetting themselves as they lay passed out in the sand. (On a side note, yesterday, I WALKED THROUH THE PEE of one such bum. I thought it was WATER on the street. There are few things more revolting than realizing you’ve just walked through another person’s urine.)

How awesome is it that 2 miles can be easy? Just a few months ago, I was doing the C25K program and thinking that running for 10 minutes straight seemed like an awful lot.

Because I end up flailing without a specific training plan, I’ve decided to redo a month of the half marathon program, which will bring me up to a 6 mile long run–the same length as week 1 of marathon training.

Aaaannnd–drumroll, please–exactly one month from tomorrow, marathon training officially begins! That gives me 19 weeks to Chicago (in the interest of working back up gradually, I’m splitting week 1 into weeks 1A and 1B). How exciting is THAT? As it stands, I run my first 10-miler on my 28th birthday and my 20-miler on September 19th. Without a 9 to 5 job or a regular schedule of any kind, it’s kind of nice to have some solid dates in my life.

With the marathon training, I guess I’ll have to get serious about strength training. I dread strength training the same way I dread going to the grocery store–too many options make my head spin. Help! What do you all do?

Next run, Central Park. 🙂



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5 responses to “2 Miles or Bust

  1. Congrats on the running progress. I’m also running Chicago!
    I like to do bodyweight strength exercises. In fact, here is a link to a strength training circuit on video that I did: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BeTgZxdVzkI

  2. Sounds like we’re on similar journeys…although for now, my goal is a half-marathon on May 30th! But, I admit the ultimate goal is a marathon…depending on how it goes for the half…maybe I’ll take the plunge!
    Good luck with your training…I know exactly how you feel about enjoying a nice easy 2 miles 🙂

  3. Don’t worry about your running pace. Just be grateful that you’re up and running. With time and training your pace will get faster and faster as you continue to push your body. Keep it up!

    Interval Training Man

  4. Wow, your quest makes mine seem like tiddly-winks! But I’m going from couch to marathon training starting the beginning of this week. One of my good friends runs marathons and he says that simple exercises like pushups are way underrated in the world of strength training. You can’t exactly “sell” anybody a pushup, ya know? But it is one of the best exercises that one can do for upper body strength. It covers your core (abs and back) as well as your arms, shoulders, and chest. Good luck! I will certainly be following your progress.

  5. Just keep this is mind. no sweat no glory! Just keep on going. You can make it.

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