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Road trips and running

News flash: road trips do not contribute to regular blogging. Since last I left you, I spent 5 nights in NYC, where I was too tired out from long days of walking to run even once. At least I was on my feet? I flew to LA, and drove up through California, where I went running at a campsite in the near-dark, in the middle of the woods. The next morning, we had breakfast at a diner, where a local informed me that “That area near your campsite is called Cougar Gulch. Should never go anywhere by yourself because of the cougars and bears. Good thing you were together.” Uh, oops.

The non-running visit to NYC lit a fire under me, and I made a conscious effort to run along the waterfront in Portland (aMAZing city) and in Seattle (also lovely). I was scoping both cities out as potential future homes, and it was interesting to see how the running community reflected the character of the city. Seattle’s was shinier, newer, and slightly older crowd, and Portland’s was more eclectic, definitely not fancy, and made for great people-watching. Plus, I got to run across two bridges, which was fun.

Then, a mad dash across the country–two and a half days of driving with realllly short stops to sleep–and I’m home in the Midwest! Amazing. I did three miles on Friday, and last night, I ran my first 5-miler in months. It felt fantastic, though I still notice a bit of a hip drop when I get tired. The lilacs are blooming here in the unseasonably hot and humid weather, and my evening run was moonlit and scented.

So, I’m BACK. Instead of trucking over to Scotland for the summer, I’m going to be house-hunting so that my things have a place to live while I’m trotting around the globe. And marathon training starts in a week!


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2 Miles or Bust

Today, I was tired. After a grueling day of lunching and beaching (life is soooo hard), the last thing I wanted to do was run, but I promised myself that if I got out and at least did 2 miles, I could listen to This American Life and run as slowly as I wanted. ha

Deal made, I strapped on the iPod, headed out into the steamy Miami night, and slogged out two very comfortable miles. Turns out, my “very comfortable” pace (eg, new long run pace) is about 11:35 per mile. I could have made conversation if there’d been anyone around besides the crazies and the bums wetting themselves as they lay passed out in the sand. (On a side note, yesterday, I WALKED THROUH THE PEE of one such bum. I thought it was WATER on the street. There are few things more revolting than realizing you’ve just walked through another person’s urine.)

How awesome is it that 2 miles can be easy? Just a few months ago, I was doing the C25K program and thinking that running for 10 minutes straight seemed like an awful lot.

Because I end up flailing without a specific training plan, I’ve decided to redo a month of the half marathon program, which will bring me up to a 6 mile long run–the same length as week 1 of marathon training.

Aaaannnd–drumroll, please–exactly one month from tomorrow, marathon training officially begins! That gives me 19 weeks to Chicago (in the interest of working back up gradually, I’m splitting week 1 into weeks 1A and 1B). How exciting is THAT? As it stands, I run my first 10-miler on my 28th birthday and my 20-miler on September 19th. Without a 9 to 5 job or a regular schedule of any kind, it’s kind of nice to have some solid dates in my life.

With the marathon training, I guess I’ll have to get serious about strength training. I dread strength training the same way I dread going to the grocery store–too many options make my head spin. Help! What do you all do?

Next run, Central Park. 🙂


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