Conspiracy theory

Do you ever feel that everything is conspiring against your running? I’m beginning to feel that way. First the sunburn, then the too-dangerous streets–then back on track–and now my under-worked body is rocked with an oh-so-charming South American stomach ailment.

What the hell?

I’m dying to go running, but I suspect that would prompt a bowel incident that would put the stories at Shut Up and Run to shame–something I’m not willing to risk. So instead, I’m going to take the opportunity to avoid any local food, do my gluteus medius PT exercises, and maybe even get some work done before I fly to the coast tomorrow.

Guess I’ll be skipping the trip to the Equator…which, frankly, I don’t mind. I think an hourlong bus ride spent fending off small Ecuadorian men who are out to harass/squash/grope me is more than I have patience for. 🙂


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  1. Aw! I hope you feel better! Stomach bugs are always super unpleasant. Ick.

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