On the Road Again

Man, coming back from a long non-running break is hard. After reading a bit about getting back into the swing of things, it seems that it’s best to run less and build back up slowly. That, of course, requires patience, which is not really my strong suit. oy

Based on my “research” (which consisted of googling “coming back to running after two weeks off” and reading through the Beginner section of Runner’s World), I’ve decided go back a few weeks in my half-marathon training schedule. Since the PT recommended that I cut back to 75% anyway, I’m just going to build back up as far as I can before May 23, when marathon training starts. I’ve decided to ditch the idea of a half marathon before then–there’s no way I’ll be ready, but I might do one during marathon training.

So now I’m back around week 4-ish of the half training, running 3.5, 2, 3.5, and a long run of 5. That feels really, really pathetic, particularly when today was supposed to be a 10-mile long run (according to the calendar reminder email I got today). But if I want my body to last to the marathon in October, I’ll do what I must.

And it’s SO GOOD to be back on the road! I ran on the 14th, took the 15th off, did a big Andes hike on the 16th, took the 17th off, and ran tonight. It’s hard and I have to take more walking breaks, but it’s so darn good to sweat. 🙂 Here are some pictures from my hike the other day:

Ecuador is ridiculously green

Steep trail

Looking down on the town

Right before I got this shot, I overshot my landing, tipped backwards, and fell headfirst over the edge of the cliff…luckily, a bush broke my fall or I’d have plummeted down the cliff face. Glad no one saw that display of my natural grace. 🙂


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