Cankle update

I love the word “cankle.” It never fails to make me laugh, even when it’s used in reference to myself. 🙂

Just a quick update this morning. After a 15-hour overnight bus ride (ah, the joys of backpacking), I was absolutely terrified to find that my legs were the same width from lower calf to toes. It was So. Gross. I was so freaked out that I tossed on my one pair of jeans and headed to the movies to hide.

Thankfully, my legs returned to a normal size yesterday, and the more severe parts of the burn look like they’re starting to get a bit better.

So, if things continue to go well, I’ll be running again by Monday! Aaaaand guess where I’ll be? Ecuador! I have another long bus ride this afternoon (20 hours, ew), but I promise to do a trip-so-far post with lots of photos soon. In the meantime, I’m doing my gluteus medius strengthening exercises, to the alarm of my hostel-mates. 🙂


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  1. Can’t wait to see photos!
    Enjoy running in Ecuador

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