Running in extreme heat & humidity

I’ve been in Colombia for 6 days now, and I have yet to lace up my running shoes. First, because the heat and humidity are so extreme that I get dizzy and sweaty just standing still in the shade. (Oh, how I wish I were kidding.) And second, because I’m now waiting for an extreme sunburn on my legs to heal. Who knew a sunburn could be so painful?

I spent Easter weekend on a gorgeous white sand beach on a little island off the shore of Colombia. On my first afternoon, my legs were in the sun for 15 minutes, and they absolutely fried. The next day, I had to take ibuprofen to stop the extreme pain, yesterday they swelled so that I had cankles (CANKLES!), and today the swelling is gone, but they’re starting to look like alligator skin. I imagine the awful peeling is going to come next.

So, until I can walk without pain, I’m going to hold off on running. And I’m heading to more temperate Medellin tonight, so the heat shouldn’t be a problem any more.

It’s so, SO discouraging to be on such a long break. I need your words of encouragement!

I’ll close with two images, one of lovely Playa Blanca and one of the cankles. 🙂



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5 responses to “Running in extreme heat & humidity

  1. Megan

    Ouch!! So sorry about your sunburn…and cankles!! It sucks not to be able to run. I took all last week off because of my IT band. I have never felt so much pent up angst and frustration…I didn’t realize what a stress reducer running has been for me! Good luck! I hope you heal soon, and are running well. On the bright side, maybe this will give your glutes a chance to heal :)!!!

  2. Carrie

    I am sorry you got burnt! I know how painful it can be! Don’t worry about the break from running. If there is one thing I have learned is that our bodies tell us when it is and isn’t ok to run. If you listen properly your next run, no matter how long or short, fast or slow will feel AMAZING! Take care of you first. The running will come! Good luck and feel better!

  3. Your poor legs! 😦

  4. ouch! but the good news is, this will give your glutes time to heal and get stronger too…you’ll be up and running again in no time!

  5. Oh no. I feel for your sunburn. I know how painful it can be. But it’s okay. Life must go on. You may have a long break but it’s fine. At least you’ll have time to rest. Running is just around the corner waiting for your sun burnt skin to heal. Wish you well!

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