Travel = death to my training schedule

I had my run on Friday and it was downright glorious. The 7000 ft altitude made for some shortness of breath, but it was fantastic to move my muscles. The gluteus medius pain started kicking in around 2.6 miles, so I took it easy and walked the rest of the 5K.

But no run ever felt  better. 🙂

And since then, I’ve been traveling like crazy, and haven’t had the chance to run. Rough two weeks for running. 😦 I did get a lot of walking in, and I cannot WAIT to get my shoes on and run in Colombia tomorrow. After an overnight flight, long layover, and long second flight, I’ll need it!



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2 responses to “Travel = death to my training schedule

  1. I hate it when travel keeps me from working out. Hope your next run is as great as Friday’s!

  2. run4may

    Can’t wait to see pictures of your travels. Happy to hear that you had a great run Friday.

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