A week of slothfulness

I’m visiting northern Arizona right now, and the weather is perfect for running–sunny and cool-but-not-cold. The air is pure, and the scenery is lovely. It’s the perfect kind of spring.

And yet, I have not run all week.

Seriously. I’m like a super-sloth, working all day (tomorrow’s the last day!) from the couch, eating too much, and drinking delicious wine. I’ve been waiting to run until my butt/hip flexor soreness was completely gone–no sense aggravating it further–and until yesterday morning, I was limping when I walked. Today, my muscles feel great, but I indulged in a few too many cocktails last night and my head spins if I so much as get off of the couch for a glass of water. At least the dancing was a workout, right?

I miss my runs. 😦 It’s been 4 days since the last one, and I don’t have much energy, I’m finding it hard to concentrate on work, and I just feel unhealthy (okay, so that’s partly the hangover talking). But seriously. A few days of vending machine crap–which used to be a dietary norm–has me realizing how far I’ve come with healthy eating choices, and how much I don’t want to go back to that college student-style eating. As always, I’m amazed at how strongly my body is affected by diet/exercise choices. Just like being sick always helps me appreciate my health, this mini period of sloth has helped me appreciate how amazing I feel when I’m running/eating well.

On a side note, it’s kind of daunting to find a brand new running route in a new place…I had to drive around for a while to find a relatively flat area that won’t put too much stress on my gluteus medius. I’m going to lay off hilly routes for a while.

I’m running tomorrow! It’ll be a celebration of finishing my job and ditching the slothfulness.  Wish me and my glutes luck. 🙂



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4 responses to “A week of slothfulness

  1. Carrie

    Good luck on your run tomorrow! I have been sick and have been playing the should I/Shouldn’t I game! Sometimes it just seems so easy to want to sit on my butt but then when I actually do it, I hate it! I know I am a weirdo! Enjoy the fun running weather and new route! I will be in AZ for the next week so it’s nice to hear that the weather is so great!

  2. Good luck on your next run! It is good though every once in awhile to change it up (even for worse eating choices)–I think they really make you appreciate all the work you’ve been doing and what a HUGE impact food and activity have on not only how you feel physically, but mentally as well. That said, I have to run tomorrow as well–haven’t since Saturday…

  3. I can completely relate! When I am not able to run or exercise, I get in such a funk and my diet goes crazy too! The run will get you out of that funk though!

  4. That’s the thing about runners! A few days off from running seems like they’re already living in a different dimension. But I guess the weight gain will not be that much. Don’t worry, you’re still within the range of “slim and sexy”. =)

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