Strengthening the gluteus medius

Several of you have asked in emails/comments about specific exercises I’ll be doing to strengthen my weak gluteus medius. The PT recommended the “clamshell” specifically. The image below is from this post at JK Conditioning, which also gives a good explanation of what happens to the stride when the GM is weak (and explains why my other leg is kicking the affected one):

A comprehensive post at Wellsphere mentioned that standing balanced on one leg is also a good strengthening exercise: “Criteria to progress to stage II is that the patient can hold their pelvis level during single leg stance for 30 seconds.” Unfortunately, I can’t stand on my right leg without extreme pain. It seems that a weak GM can lead to ITB syndrome and a host of other problems, so thank goodness I caught it early!

I’m also going to do the exercises on this page about wilderness sports conditioning. Hopefully, I’ll be back to 100% in a month or so–but to be safe, I’ve decided to push my first half marathon to the end of May/beginning of June.


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