Old before my time

I seem to have injured my hip–apparently, running is turning me into an 80-year-old. And, my little sister turned 22 today, which means that I’ll be 28 soon, which is that much closer to 30.

But 30 is the new 20, right?

Apparently, Tuesday’s amazing run was a bit too amazing. I must have pushed too hard or something, because 1.5 miles into Wednesday’s scheduled 3 miles, the pain in my hip area was too strong to keep going. Have you ever had a run that just feels off? The rhythm felt weird, I was listening to music instead of NPR, and then the pain. All wrong. So I walked back to the car, took yesterday off, and am debating about trying to squeeze in a few miles tonight if things feel right.

This will be the third low-mileage week in a row, but I suppose it’s better to take it easy for a few days than get an injury that will last for a few months.

BUT– it’s Friday, I have one week left of work, I fly to Arizona tomorrow, and Vegas/Colombia are less than 1.5 weeks away! And I’m SO excited for my Sunday morning 8-miler! Here’s hoping the geriatric hip holds up. 🙂



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3 responses to “Old before my time

  1. I am giggling at you 😉 (as someone with 10 years on you – does that mean that 40 is the new 30?) but I know what you mean. My left hamstring hasn’t felt right, but it doesn’t “hurt” when I run, so I’m never sure if I should let it rest or if I should continue on.

    You must have a very cool job – you end up all over the place! Travel safe….

  2. I hope your hip feels better! My husband had hip problems after our half marathon last year and it took him a few months to recover. So take it easy if you must! 🙂

  3. run4may

    Maybe try aqua running/jogging. This allows you to continue training without the strain on your body/hip. It can be challenging but well worth it because it has similar outcomes as if you were running.

    I am also scheduled to run 8miles this weekend. First time in over two years. Wish us luck.

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