Love me some spring!

Note to self: do not go all day eating only a bowl of oatmeal and a piece of toast, run 4.5 miles, and then expect to have a virtuous food evening. Ha. I’d better go to bed before I finish off an entire box of Captain Crunch.

Appetite aside, today’s 4.5 miles were fantastic! It was gorgeous and sunny, warm enough to wear my new sleeveless running shirt…which, despite being pink, managed to be shapeless and unfeminine. The idea was that a less form-fitting shirt that wasn’t super booby would be better for Colombia, but it’s just ugly. 🙂 And, I ran the whole thing at less than 11 minutes a mile, which is better than the usual 11:15-11:30. My new goal is to get close to 10 minutes a mile on regular runs.

In pursuit of that goal, there’s sad, sad news: I might have to retire This American Life. I adore the soothing NPR voices, but they just aren’t inspiring me to go faster. Guess it’s time to bring back the bouncy pop music (Avril Lavigne’s “Girlfriend” and Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” always get me moving).

Any fast-paced song suggestions??



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5 responses to “Love me some spring!

  1. Megan

    Pink: So What

  2. ashley

    She wolf by Shakira
    Telephone by Lady Gaga and beyonce
    Run this town by Rhianna (there is a verse that says “victories within the mile almost there dont give up now” when it comes on I run double time)

  3. Beth

    If you want to stick with NPR, give “Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me” a shot. I find Peter Sagal more upbeat than Ira Glass and the show is funny, so it might add a little more zing than TAL.

  4. I’m exactly the same way, I find it so much easier to push myself when I have good music.

    One song that always helps me is Corbin Bleu’s “Push it to the Limit.” Yes, it’s from High School Musical and is pretty pop-y, but I can never walk when this song comes on.

  5. I listen to Hiphop music while on the go! Especially songs of Snoop Dogg, Jay-Z, Timbaland, etc. Their music pumps up my adrenaline rush!

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