Corn dog confessional

Remember a few posts back, when I mentioned that I was having trouble eating healthfully? Well, I’ve really fallen off the bandwagon of late…a full-time job, freelance work on the side, planning my upcoming travels, and half-marathon training have turned me into a complete emotional-eating stress case.

Case in point: I just ate two corn dogs for breakfast.

And, to top it all off, my long weekend of shopping and mayhem left me with a rotten cold/sore throat/cough/burning lungs combo that’s reduced me to a pathetic, phlegm-y, couch-bound mess. (I am the worst kind of sick person. :)) I’ve gained back 4 pounds, haven’t gotten a decent night’s sleep in days, and haven’t run at all this week. For that matter, I’ve barely gotten off the couch at all this week.

But all is not lost. 🙂 At this point in any other healthy-living scheme I’ve tried, I would have stayed off of the proverbial bandwagon, drowned myself in a pile of frozen pizza and chocolate eclairs, and watched the double chins pile on. But this time, I know the blog is waiting and that I’m going to have to be accountable…funny how a little piece of technology can keep me honest. (Hence this post-corn dog confession.)

I have a friend who went to Catholic seminary. He mentioned that the priests-in-training call the confessional the “sin bin.” Well, 12 Month Marathon is my personal sin bin. 🙂 So I’m going to admit to you all that I have been putting the worst of the worst kind of foods in my body. That I haven’t been drinking enough water, getting enough sleep, or giving my body the nutrients it needs to stay healthy and get stronger for running. I’m also going to forgive myself–because, to quote more fitness magazine wisdom, one period of unhealthy eating does not equal failure.

…and maybe I’ll lay off the corn dogs. 🙂

What do you do to get back on track after a setback?



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2 responses to “Corn dog confessional

  1. JC

    I had a slight setback the past few days so to get myself back in gear I read a few fitness magazines, fitness blogs & dragged my lazy bum to the gym. Reading about others getting healthier motivates me. I’m right there with you though –I know how tough it can be trying to stay on track when you’re balancing a full time job, freelance, a social life & at the same time not getting enough sleep.

    We’re tough girls though! We can do it! ^_^

  2. run4may

    A couple of weeks ago I wasn’t running regularly (didn’t run for a-week-and-a-half). I was angry at myself because, I knew my first half was coming up. So, after getting over midterms and a cold I finally decided that it was time to get back to it or else I knew that I would embarrass myself at my first half (which is at the end of the month). Some of my boyfriends family said they would come to cheer me on, which motivates me the most to get back out there.

    ~Take care of that cold~

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