My first 5K!

I finally ran one! And, I didn’t finish last OR get passed by any walkers–there’s that fear squashed. In fact, I even PASSED people! My final time was 32.24 and I was 18th in the 25-34 female age group (out of 49).

But there was one stupid, ridiculous thing I did, which I’m embarrassed to admit–despite the fact that it was a RACE, it didn’t occur to me to run faster than normal. I just happily jogged along, taking in the new scenery and eying everyone’s running clothes. Seriously. I’m kind of kicking myself now because I can certainly run faster.  But no worries,  and a new goal: find another 5K and run it like it’s a race. 🙂 Oh, and start more at the middle of the pack. I spent at least five minutes trying to squeeze around slower people on the narrow trail at the beginning.

And on a side note–I’m a singer, and until today I thought there was nothing more unflattering than photos of people singing. Wrong. The worst photos are of people running…specifically, me running. Oh my God, they’re bad. Chins appearing and eyes squinting and thighs defying gravity. Yikes. 🙂



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6 responses to “My first 5K!

  1. ashley

    This is Great! Congrats! Keep it up! My first 5K was with my dog it was so hard to run with her cause she wanted to play with the other 200 or so dogs also running..

  2. run4may

    Congrats on the 5K. We live and we learn.

  3. Yay for the first 5K! Don’t stress the running photos. It is hard to take a good one!

    Ha ha. I wish I could be more zen during a race. How did you pull that off? 😉

  4. Good job on the 5k! First time means a PR 🙂 And it gives you a race strategy for next time!

  5. JC

    Nice!!! I have my 1st competitive 5k coming up next month. Any tips? I heard these things get addictive!

  6. Congrats on your 5k run! That’s a great time! 🙂

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