Running around the world

Impatience for my upcoming travels has me in serious cabin-fever mode, and I’ve been turning to old trip photos to get me through (I am a serious travel junkie). So, a post in photos of some of the amazing places I got to run when doing the Couch to 5K.

I started in Buenos Aires, where Latin men (who either aren’t getting any or are getting too much) called after me in Spanish, no matter how sweaty I was. I ran through my beautiful neighborhood of San Telmo and along the canal in Puerto Madero.

I did three weeks and then stopped for a month or so while I trucked through Uruguay, South Africa, Turkey, Bulgaria, Greece, Czech Republic, and Ireland. In Galway, I was deathly sick with the swine flu but managed to haul myself out of bed to watch people in the park, including lots of runners.

Then it was off to my beloved Scotland, one of the loveliest and friendliest countries in the world. In Inverness I ran along the bank of the Ness River. I started the C25K the day after Halloween and was able to run in the dark on Ness Island, which was lit up with eerie green lights to commemorate the pirates who used to stash their loot there. Amazing!

And in the hills above Ft. William:

And in Glencoe, one of my favorite places on earth:

Then it was on to Berlin, where I ran by the remains of the Berlin Wall (now an art gallery) and by Alexanderplatz. These pictures do not represent the actual runs, which were done in the dark, in wind and driving rain. Wettest runs ever.

Then there was a non-running break that included more of Germany and the Netherlands. Finally, I headed into France and ran through the streets of Paris, by the Seine. Because I was traveling, the only sort-of running clothes I had were wicking climbing pants and a ridiculous blue rain shell…not stylish, but functional in the cold European fall. (And I ran at night to avoid ridicule. :))

I’m super excited to post photos from Flagstaff, Phoenix, Vegas, and Colombia in the upcoming months!



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5 responses to “Running around the world

  1. rebby

    Hey! I too and running around the world! I am just starting, March 28th I run a half marathon in Berlin! I love reading your blogpost about different places and running in them. I am currently in Istanbul running almost every day by the Bosphorus Straight!

  2. Gotta love that Calatrava. You can recognize his work all over the world.

    You have run in such beautiful places! Do you feel like there is the same amount of enthusiasm for running everywhere you have gone?

  3. run4may

    What do you do for a living that allows you to travel so much? You are so lucky.

    • marathonkim

      I work for a strategic communications agency–just over a year ago, I managed to convince my boss to let me work remotely, and I’ve taken full advantage of that location independence. 🙂 We use Skype, gotomeeting, etc. and since most of my clients aren’t local, it didn’t make much of a difference. AND in a month (3 weeks and 1 business day, to be exact), I’m going completely freelance! So exciting, and it means I can travel indefinitely. 🙂

  4. Kristin

    Thanks for your comment. I am currently working at a shipyard in China doing inspections. I love traveling and wish I was able to do so as much as you. I have been in China for almost a year now and I am ready to move on.

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