Oh, how I love Friday. Today is particularly lovely because 1) it’s a much-needed rest day, 2) I have precisely ONE MONTH left of work (four weeks from today–>big celebration), and 3) I just bought my ticket to Colombia! Five weeks from Tuesday, I’m off–nothing I love more than a new country, and this will be my 34th.

Yesterday, I did 4 miles, which were all right. Once again, I was surprised at how much food impacts my runs. I remembered to time my meals yesterday so that I’d run about 1.5 hours after lunch, which seems to work well. Naturally, I was delayed, forgot to have a little snack before the run, and wasn’t as energetic.  Oatmeal or something small and carb-y before a run makes a big difference. Note for next time, I guess. 🙂

Here’s the run graph–I wonder if I should pause the Nike+ during walk breaks?  Someday, I’d like to run a sub-10 minute mile.

half marathon week 4

Have a GORgeous weekend!



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5 responses to “Friday!

  1. run4may

    I stop my nike+ when I come to a stop light.

  2. Raul

    Hi there, I stumbled across your blog while looking for someone in the same position as you. I was just curious how would you rate your overall satisfaction with your Nike+?

    • marathonkim

      Hi Raul! I love the Nike+, but I wouldn’t trust it to keep accurate mileage–I use MapMyRun to get distance first. I do love the mile-by-mile reminders, pace calculations (after I calibrate using actual distance), calorie burn info, etc. The visual representation of the run data is really motivating for me. Plus, it was only $29 and works with my iPod. 🙂

  3. JC

    Questions: do you eat RIGHT before the run or do you wait to let your tummy settle? I always read about runners fueling before the run but I have difficulty running on a full stomach…

    • marathonkim

      I usually eat a normal-sized meal about 2 hours before I run with protein,etc., and then have a small snack right before the run (like a packet of instant oatmeal or little granola bar). I can’t run with much food in my stomach, or I get awful, sharp pains. Today will be my first try with eating during a run, so we’ll see how that goes. 🙂

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