Dead legs and nutrition

Has anyone ever had trouble with dead legs?

What a weird feeling. Today, I set out in the lovely afternoon sun for my little two-mile run, convinced that it would be short and sweet in this balmy 45 degree weather we’ve been having. (I’m a northern soul…2 degrees in February would feel more like normal.) But my legs weren’t having it–not even close. It felt like lead below my hips, and was so unpleasant that I turned around and went home. (All is not lost–I’ll try again later.)

I’ve been googling to find out the cause, but can’t find anything definitive. This Runner’s World article blames nutrition, which could well be the cause. I’m hypoclycemic, and my meals today have consisted of a chicken sandwich and Peeps candy. Actually, now that I’ve written that sentence, the culprit seems obvious. 🙂 We’ll see if a good meal helps with the legs.

Have you had experience with dead legs? What helps?



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4 responses to “Dead legs and nutrition

  1. I think dead legs are just common from time to time! Sometimes I get them after a few day break, and sometimes I get them after a one day break. I think our bodies are just inconsistent at times.

    Sorry, that wasn’t very helpful 😉

  2. Its probably your body telling you it needs a day off! I get this from time to time and I take it as a sign I need a break from running. I usually wait 3 days before I go for another run. In the meantime, I swim, weight train, take a boxing class, or just simply rest.

    I wouldn’t be too worried unless the heavy legs are still there even after resting. Even now, I do a lot of cross training so I’m not always breaking down my legs

    • marathonkim

      That’s the route I chose–rest. 🙂 Hopefully, today’s run will be better. I’ll be certain to have a decent meal beforehand!

  3. the disney marathoners all talked about them from time to time- as i up my distances, i fear they are in my future…let me know if your food intake seems to make a difference on future runs!

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