Running makes me hungry

I have to laugh when people say things like, “I run so I can eat pizza,” because oh, how I get it. If I didn’t have 35 pounds to lose, I’d be all over that. 🙂 But for now, healthy it is. And because I am only down .5lbs from last week (booooo)–and because those blank spots on the Nike+ weekly graph are maddening–I’m going to try to do something physical every day. This is particularly important because my job means sitting on my ass, all day long.

I took advantage of the lovely day and went for a walk, which Nike+ seems to think was a run, because 492 calories seems like an unreasonable burn for a leisurely 4 mile walk. 🙂 Interestingly enough, my pace varies more when walking than it does when running:

Half marathon training walk

Hunger is definitely becoming an issue, though. The day is fine but come nightfall, I’m starving…and craving the junkiest of junk food. What foods do you eat to fuel your runs without piling on empty calories?



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4 responses to “Running makes me hungry

  1. run4may

    I love broccoli and carrots.

    Also, more often than not when I am craving the junkiest of junk food I like to think that my body is maybe thirsty. So, I will try to drink a juice something flavorful, and if that doesn’t hit the spot then I know that I really am hungry and I will have a yogurt or toast with jam or something light. Hope this helps.

  2. I run because I love to eat, but I make sure to eat healthfully.
    I’ll never forget a quote a nutritionist once said to me: “you can’t out train a crappy diet” It completely changed my eating patterns. I used to eat a big dinner followed by dessert then tell myself “I’ll run it off tomorrow”, but that doesn’t actually work.

    I love a carb and protein snack after a long run. Almond butter on toast is quite tasty. I also enjoy greek yogurt which has a lot of protein and fills me up. Just eating a carb snack is empty calories without any satiety, so I always include a protein source. Nuts are good for protein too

  3. I try to eat lots of beans and fiber… but the more I run, the more hungry I become, and it’s hard to say not to a craving sometimes!

  4. Just found your website and am excited to see someone running. I started running in January 2006 after losing 40 pounds and ran my first marathon in July 2007. I then had a baby April 2008 and ran my 2nd marathon in July 2009, so YOU CAN DO IT!! I’m impressed with your plan and goals. It’s great to have goals.

    One of my favorite post run snacks is a big glass of chocolate milk. And then a granola bar or protein bar. Good luck and I”ll be checking back on your progress.

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