Half-marathon training: week 2 recap

Happy Valentine’s Day! Aside from the endless romantic comedies on TV (no complaining here–I love a good chick flick), it’s passed without incident or interest. For the past several years, I’ve been out of the country on Feb. 14. There’s not much of a market for pink and red cards in Nepal or Nicaragua, so Vday hasn’t really been a part of my life for three or four years. 🙂

Regardless, I found myself eating ice cream for breakfast. (I bought it last night and was giggling in the store because it looked like preparations for the stereotypical single-girl Valentine’s pity-fest. Not my style a’tall.) I followed the breakfast ice cream with breakfast Oreos.

I’m not beating myself up, though, because Sunday is long-run day! I really, really look forward to long runs because I adore the idea of breaking personal distance records…and at this stage, every new mile is a personal record. It’s a celebration every week. 🙂

Here’s week 2 of the Higdon half-marathon training plan (click to enlarge):

Higdon Half Marathon Training week 2

I couldn’t bear to do just 4 miles today, especially because I did 5 two weeks ago. (PS, the chart above starts on Monday.) So, this was my week according to Nike+:
half marathon week 2

You might note that today has over 8 miles. No, I didn’t run 8 miles. I did 5.55 according to the Nike+, and then worried that the distance might be off, so I did another .5 on the walk home from the endpoint. And because the desert back roads of this town are still unfamiliar, I took the wrong road and walked two extra miles.

This was my run–it was an amazing route, but almost all a gentle downhill out of the mountains, which is killer for the quads–with a big dip for a shoe-tying stop and a walk a bit later:

half marathon week 2 long run

And then this is the walk from the run, with a .5 mile bit of jogging near the beginning:

Higdon half marathon training

So according to Nike+, I burned 1061 calories today–ice cream forgotten. And what a great run! And in week 3, the T/Th runs extend to 3.5 miles each, which I’m really looking forward to (To close this post and the day, I’ll leave you with two pictures from my run. Have an amazing evening and a beautiful Monday!

Half marathon training run

Beginning runner half marathon training run



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2 responses to “Half-marathon training: week 2 recap

  1. Chilean Mermaid

    How did you get these cool charts? What is Nike+?

    • marathonkim

      Nike+ is a little transmitter (that you put in/on your shoe) that works with your iPod to track distance/calories/time, etc. and then uploads the data to the Nike+ website–which is where the graphs come from. The device can be a bit unreliable on distance, but I loooove the charts and graphs. 🙂 There’s also an armband model, and you can buy them at sporting goods stores.

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