I get into a funk when I can’t run

On this lazy Saturday morning, I have ambition only to watch the Olympics from the comfort of the couch. That’s my issue with the Higdon half-marathon training plan…having Friday and Saturday off of running gets me in a bit of a funk. Saturdays are supposed to be cross-training days, but I’m visiting an area where the opportunities for cross-training are slim. It’s an amazing, sunny day, and I’d *kill* to be on a snowboard, but that’s just not in the cards without a hill. 🙂 The roads aren’t biking-ready, I can’t find a group class, and frankly, I just don’t feel like going to the one gym in town. Plus, I had pizza for breakfast and Vday candy, which adds to the misery.

See what I mean? It’s a funk. I need to run!

Oh, speaking of running, I’m doing my first official 5K on March 6 in Provo, Utah! I ran one on December 31st, but it wasn’t official (no bibs or timers or t-shirts). Technically, I should be doing a 10K, but I want to do them in order. Maybe in April, if I can find one in Colombia (I’ll be there all month)–guerrilla run? 😉

Anyway. Since I got the Nike+, this is the data:

Nike+ half marathon training

I’m just dying to increase my mileage!

I keep running across these amazing blogs that post great food photos–which are great inspiration for a kitchen disaster like me–but I’ve discovered this week that it’s hard to get an appetizing food photo.

Dinner last night–blackened salmon with a lovely colorful salad (and rice, later):

marathon training diet

The green monster “before” picture, with spinach, blueberries, yogurt, and banana:

half marathon smoothie

And the after (extra blueberries = not green):

Smoothie for half marathon training

Since I can’t find Indian food in this town, I was forced to buy some of the pre-packaged kind. Here, curried potatoes and chickpeas over brown rice. Too many carbohydrates for my liking.

Half marathon training dinner

And finally, my favorite dessert in the world, strawberry shortcake. If I ever get married, this is what I will insist on serving at the reception.

Half marathon treat

Happy Saturday! Tomorrow, I’ll put up the Higdon week 2 plan and my Nike+ results for actual miles.


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