Running is Contagious

Running, it seems, has a ripple effect. Since I began training for my half-marathon, people around me are hopping on the running bandwagon left and right. After completing several Couch to 5K runs while visiting family a couple of months ago, my aunt was so interested that she began the program. A few weeks later, a cousin and another aunt joined the pack. Now, my mom is on board and an uncle and three of my siblings, who were already runners, have renewed enthusiasm. One of my co-workers is halfway through and is planning to run her first 5K at the same event as my half marathon (as is aunt #2). A dear friend, who is so out of shape that he can barely complete the first interval of week 1, day 1, is pushing through.

Now, this is partially due to the fact that I am extremely vocal and enthusiastic when I’m excited about something…and that’s definitely contagious.

But I think the most powerful motivation is seeing the changes, both mental and physical: I did the C25K program and am now moving on to a half marathon, am getting out there day after day, my health is improving, and my weight is dropping (down 5 lbs!). And even after a grueling workout that leaves me sore, I’m still excited to get out there the next day.  That kind of undeniable proof is huge, because let’s be honest–I’m no athlete. So if I can do it, anyone can.

And that’s the beauty of the C25K: it’s accessible to everyone, no matter what their fitness level.

Every time another friend gives in and starts running, it’s like a little bit of extra motivation for me–to keep going, keep getting stronger. And I know they’ll all be there at the marathon, cheering me on and really understanding the hard work that went into it.



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2 responses to “Running is Contagious

  1. carleigh

    i stumbled across your blog last night, through another. i read the most recent post and was so interested, so i read all of the others. it was midnight here, and -20 outside, however i was SO inspired by your story and motivation that i put my runners on and ran around the block. thank you!

    on valentine’s day i will be running a half, i can’t wait to rock it! in may of last year i learned to run and quickly became addicted. i am now planning to run a full in san antonio in november.

    • marathonkim

      Thanks so much for the note! It made my morning. 🙂 And -20 degrees?? Wow! And I thought running in 2 degree weather was tough. Your half is so soon–I hope you’ll post and let me know how it goes. Mine’s not till May, and I haven’t a clue what to expect.

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