Welcome to Half Marathon Training: Week 2

Ah, Monday. I’m heading into week 2 of half marathon training, grateful to see the end of stressful week 1. After a few days of worrying about stress fractures, I’m happy to say that my legs are both intact and fracture-free. (A test, according to my doctor, is to hop up and down on the suspect leg and if it hurts, get it checked out.)

The great part about all of the injury worries is that they scared me into taking the 10% rule seriously. Now that I know how it feels to genuinely believe that all of my hard work is about to go up in smoke, I’m motivated to take it easy on my body–which means not getting too gung-ho with the Nike+ and following the training plan mileage!

In that spirit, yesterday’s “long” run was 4 miles. I fueled up with my version of a delicious quinoa dish I once had at the Love Muffin Cafe in Moab, Utah (go there!). All of the amazing bloggers out there who post food photos have inspired me–while I can’t promise daily photos, I’ll try. Yesterday’s breakfast:

Quinoa breakfast for half marathon training

Red quinoa with cranberries, almonds, bananas, and honey. Delicious and oh-so-filling.


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