Podcasts for Running

Recently, I discovered the joy of running to podcasts about…running! My favorite so far is Running With The Pack, which is a relatively informal podcast with two runners talking about all things running. I also love NPR’s This American Life because it helps me forget that my legs are sore or my lungs are aching and lets me become totally immersed in another story. Plus, the NPR announcers have the most soothing voices.

I love to run without music, to really connect with the road and my surroundings. But when I’m hurting or struggling, my focus goes directly to the run and how far I’ve gone and how many miles are left, etc. As for running with music…for some reason, it doesn’t always work for me, especially on long runs. I get bored with the music, partially because I know what’s coming next. One of my goals is to create a huge running playlist and set it to Shuffle during my run so I’m surprised by the song order.

What do you listen to when you run?



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2 responses to “Podcasts for Running

  1. This month I have been mostly listening to the sound of my own laboured breathing…

  2. Raul

    I just downloaded running with the pack because you mentioned it on your page, and I must say I love it. I spend my whole time jogging listening to these guys. and I also like listening to NPR (something about there voices are soothing) anyways continue the good work!

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